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December 18, 2010
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Sai paint tool tutorial by dAiwon Sai paint tool tutorial by dAiwon
MAJOR EDIT: for those of you who already seen the tutorial you can see there are some changes but i've only added more info...the brushes you had in the old tut are still there plus a few new ones and better explained. i really hope this is useful cuz lol...its the best deviation i got lol
here is the old one if you think its more useful : [link]

warning! my english is not that some sentences wont make sense.

second tut : [link] more of a drawing process

ahh...this was confusing to do,i probably left out a couple of things... oh well

first off...i made this tutorial at the request of :iconsyerahn: analyze the hieroglyphs i scribbled there.

the color part...its kinda important which color you chose to highlight with and which to 'shadow' with...the complementary theory of colors is what i learn in school(kinda) and is how i usually use them.

next...when opening a new file no matter what the height and width of the canvas, the resolution should always be the highest you can is very important!resolution= how many pixels there are per inch

next...sketch something and the ink with S-7 <--- again important!!

next...shade with brush tool,its very useful because it can blend( you can also make custom brushes out of this so it can blend moar! :3 ) then do details with water 10 or oil water also,you can go and blend even more with water tool,but i usually avoid that cuz it makes a lot of mess!

next...the 'special' highlights and 'shadows' are made by the proprieties of layers :normal for normal state ..multiply darkens ... addition acts as a highlighter ... and %A%e(that how its written in my sai version) burns the drawing with the color you select! very important that you use these in moderation (as in using lowering the opacity of the layer)

thats kinda all

if anyone doesnt understand something please tell me so i can clarify.

some of the brushes here i found on devart or youtube, and some were default. but i dont remember from who orz. if you recognize them i would really like to credit them
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This is so cool and helpful. Thank you!
i don't have a line art brush and i have no idea were to get it from ;_;
you make it
Bura-san Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi um... okay so i am doing a drawing and a while ago i figured out a way to be able to get a Multiply layer to be a normal layer with the effects of it being a Multiply layer at the same time (meaning that it still looks shaded but it is in the Normal layer format) but i completely forgot how to TT^TT if anyone has any ideas could you please help I DESPERATELY WANT TO REMEMBER THIS BECAUSE IT WAS SO FRIGGIN HELPFUL
you probably merged the two layers together but im not really sure or you reduced the opacity.

sorry for the late reply im not active on this account
Bura-san Feb 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Okay thats not really jogging anything but ill keep at it ^^ but thank you for the advice anyways :D
My Version of Sai doesn't have the Awesome Brush just regular Brush :( Do I need to buy the latest version??
no u need to create a new brush with the settings of the awesome brush.sorry for the late reply im not active on this account
axiabetty Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
with your tutorials I've improved in 15 days!!

but now I've changed again in sketching!! --->…

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